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Oberhausen, 13.08.2021

Political green light given: FitnessConnected takes place for sure

As already communicated two weeks ago, due to the vaccination rate in Germany and Europe respectively and the resulting politically created framework conditions, the “FitnessConnected – part of the ISPO-Network” can and will take place as planned from November 18 to 20, 2021 in Munich. Yesterday’s decisions of the Ministerial Conference of the Federal States and additional public statements of e.g. the Bavarian Prime Minister, Dr. Markus Söder, also confirmed that a further, comprehensive lockdown would not be constitutionally enforceable even with an increasing incidence situation.

Long called for, now they are here: the key political statements that were necessary to be able to plan and implement the coming months in detail. This also clarifies many framework conditions for the implementation of trade show events. However, there are also areas where adjustments may still be necessary at short notice in the coming weeks. But even for these, the following applies: With appropriate forward planning, these adjustments are feasible.

“The decisions of the Ministerial Conference of the Federal States and the statements of the politicians are an extremely important and very positive signal: now is the right time to think about business again and to start catching up,” emphasizes Ralph Scholz, CEO of FitnessConnected.
Crucial to the economic development of the fitness industry in particular, he said, is the clear statement that there will no longer be a lockdown for everyone in 2021. “Our decision to stick to holding the face-to-face event in November has thus proven to be correct and forward-looking. After all, with our eco system, we are the only industry trade show this year to offer the fitness industry the opportunity to generate much-needed revenue at our event for the remainder of this year and for the first quarter of next year. “

The following key measures take account of developments:

Number of trade visitors – congress capacities expanded
FitnessConnected is designed in such a way that – according to current standards, i.e. the strictest specifications – at least 3,000 visitors are likely to be on the exhibition grounds at the same time.
All in all, we expect around 7,500 trade visitors on the three days of the trade show, so there is no fundamental need to change the hall layout.

As FitnessConnected will be the only international physical trade show for the fitness and sports sector in Europe this year due to the cancellation of other events, the congress capacities were adapted. For this purpose, it was necessary to detach the rear part of Hall C6 from the exhibition area and convert it into a congress area. This will allow the holding of the fringe events with up to 500 participants even under the strictest Covid regulations.
The now valid hall plan will be viewable online from 18.08.2021.

In the entrance area: fast lane planned for vaccinated and recovered persons
Due to FitnessConnected’s modern registration system, it is possible to upload the vaccination or proof of recovery certificate online before the show and assign it to the ticket. This makes it possible to set up a fast lane for vaccinated and recovered persons. Since Covid tests cannot be older than 24 hours, an additional on-site check is required for data matching. To avoid waiting times at the entrance, we recommend using the service tool in the ticket store.

Rapid tests still free of charge – on-site PCR tests not possible
At present, it is not yet possible to assess whether the practice applied to date will still apply in November, i.e. that rapid tests are sufficient to allow unrestricted movement in restaurants, gyms or even on exhibition grounds – or whether the PCR tests, which involve more effort and time, will be necessary in order to be considered tested.
If rapid tests are sufficient, we will continue to offer them free of charge. Unfortunately, it is not possible to offer PCR tests free of charge on site due to logistics and time criteria. Regardless, we recommend that all visitors who are not vaccinated or recovered come to the site with a current test to avoid waiting times in the entrance area.

Mandatory masks and distance regulations
In recent weeks, trade shows have already been held in individual German states at which the wearing of masks and compliance with minimum distances could be dispensed with due to the incidence situation. Which regulations will be legally or officially binding in November in Munich has not yet been determined.
Part of the forward-looking pandemic concept is minimum aisle widths of 3 meters, so that the minimum distance can be maintained in the aisles in any case. And we continue to recommend wearing a medical mask and maintaining minimum distances, even if this would not be required by law.

No distinction on site between vaccinated and tested
For fundamental considerations and data protection reasons, there will be no different rules of conduct for vaccinated and unvaccinated visitors/exhibitors at FitnessConnected on the exhibition grounds themselves.

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Oberhausen, 29.07.2021

Thanks to forward-thinking pandemic concept: “We can reliably run FitnessConnected in November”

The current resurgence in incidence figures and the spread of the delta variant are causing uncertainty for trade shows in fall of 2021. Some trade shows were therefore opting for purely digital formats from the outset. Others, such as the leading international trade show for fitness, wellness and health FIBO, have recently postponed their events. And still others are continuing to consistently plan their physical trade shows- like the team of FitnessConnected, the new interdisciplinary B2B trade show for a health-oriented fitness industry. “We can reliably hold FitnessConnected in November. That’s because from the very beginning we didn’t assume a normal situation in the fall of 2021 when developing the event and planned for all eventualities at an early stage,” says CEO Ralph Scholz.

The forward-looking pandemic concept of FitnessConnected is reflected in many areas. For example, in a generous hall layout (only about 50 percent of the hall is booth space), plenty of aisles in between, central catering away from the booths, and separate meeting areas. ” Right from the outset, as health-oriented and responsible organizers, we refrained from planning shows at the booths or parties in order to make FitnessConnected a No-Covid- Area,” explains Ralph Scholz. Free rapid tests at the entrance area of the trade show and situation-specific fair cancellation options for exhibitors round off the pandemic concept.

The company is also prepared for the situation that more trade visitors than expected are now likely to come to FitnessConnected in Munich from November 18 to 20, 2021, due to other canceled events: “Based on our flexible hall planning, we can also adapt structures for more visitors if necessary and at the same time ensure that the event is held safely. There are no plans to increase the size of the exhibition space in order to be able to increase the number of exhibitors,” says Scholz.

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Ralph Scholz, CEO FitnessConnected

Oberhausen, 02.07.2021

“We don’t want to trigger an Ischgl of the fitness industry”.

Together, the market has been breathing a sigh of relief in recent weeks. Fitness and health providers nationwide have resumed training operations for customers, and new customer business is showing an encouraging response. The noticeable increase in health awareness among the population can be felt. An upward trend, which the industry as a whole decisively supports, steers and helps to shape. A feeling of some normality is thus returning, yet everyone is well aware that there is no such thing as “going back”. The situation is still fragile – both nationally and internationally – and the risk of infection and the resulting measures for the fall/winter season are difficult to calculate.

For this reason, Ralph Scholz, CEO of the new B2B trade show FitnessConnected ( and Oliver Sekula, CEO of the management consultancy ACISO ( have decided in unison and with the necessary foresight to postpone the ACISO Congress within the framework of the physical trade show in November in Munich until next year. Instead of an ACISO opening party and workout convention, they are responsibly concentrating on a jointly developed keynote event for 2021 that will focus on the major opportunities of a digitalized industry at FitnessConnected. With their decision, both are sending an important signal to the entire fitness industry.
Oliver Sekula emphasizes: “After considering all aspects, holding the Congress in 2021 is not an option, no matter how difficult the decision is for us. A large event with many participants in closed rooms, sweating together at a Group Fitness Convention or dancing exuberantly at the Congress Party is currently far removed from reality for us as a responsible organizer. The FitnessConnected trade show, on the other hand, is a completely different proposition due to the size of the halls and the associated space requirements. That is why we will be there with numerous other ACISO cooperation partners with our booth in ACISO WORLD, which is integrated into the overall concept. Together with ISPO and FitnessConnected, we will be organizing the opening event on Thursday, 18.11.21 with the motto “Roadmap to future”. The tenor is: the new reality and the greatest opportunities for our industry in a growth market! We are very much looking forward to this.”

Ralph Scholz as main organizer and furthermore speaker of the initiative “health needs fitness”
( adds with view of the industry: “We do not want to trigger an Ischgl of the fitness economy. FitnessConnected is characterized by the fact that we are a pure B2B platform that offers particularly high professional quality, innovative products, services and concepts as well as interdisciplinary know-how. We focus on business, that’s what makes us special – and that’s also what our exhibitors and partners appreciate. That is why I am firmly convinced that we will deliver an excellent and comprehensive package this time in November, even without the party and convention. In addition, we have worked out a new creative and exciting alternative together with ACISO. It will be a new opening event that is absolutely compliant with pandemic requirements. It is a sequence of exciting keynotes around the topic of digitalization in the fitness industry. Why the fitness industry does need to fear digitalization? What massive business opportunities will it open up? What specific data is becoming increasingly important? These are just some of the questions that will be answered by top-class speakers in the first half of the event.

Collectively, Oliver Sekula and Ralph Scholz and their teams are convinced that FitnessConnected with its highlights at the end of the year will be a safe bet in more ways than one. So that many entrepreneurs and their employees will enjoy making the trip to Munich then. They are thanking the industry for their trust in advance and are looking forward to great trade show days in the international network. The industry media will report on the details of the program on an ongoing basis.

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Ralph Scholz, CEO FitnessConnected
Oliver Sekula, CEO ACISO

Oberhausen, 03.05.2021

FitnessConnected presents innovative products of the exhibitors on the web platform: More are added daily

From 18 to 20 November, 2021, the new B2B trade show “FitnessConnected – part of the ISPO Network” will take place at the trade show center in Munich. However, the accompanying web platform has already been online since 3rd of May as part of the sales and marketing-oriented ecosystem of FitnessConnected at It is an essential component of the innovative concept of the new trade show, which for the first time unites the areas of fitness, health and sports across industries and offers a unique network meeting for decision makers.

Instead of a classic trade show site, the web platform offers an interactive sales tool to bring product innovations to market as quickly as possible – all year round, seven days a week, around the clock. New product introductions are thus permanently available and can be accessed worldwide, including company presentations and the contact details of the responsible sales staff. In addition, the web platform will offer regular sales training. “The web platform offers real added value for both FitnessConnected exhibitors and gym operators,” says Ralph Scholz, CEO of FitnessConnected and FIBO Event Director from 2013 to 2017, describing the advantage of the online sales tool. “Visitors to the platform thus have the opportunity to find out about the latest products from our exhibitors on a daily basis and, if necessary, to enter into trading relationships immediately. “

An added value that is obviously also appreciated by the exhibitors. Because already now numerous top companies, such as Milon, movement concepts, and further innovation drivers decided to present their innovations and achievements at the FitnessConnected this year, many of them exclusively.

“The registration figures continue to grow steadily. At present, around 50 companies have already made a binding booking for their participation and a further 60 companies have made reservations,” says Ralph Scholz, delighted at the high demand. “The fact that so many top brands have already chosen FitnessConnected as this year’s industry event as pioneers shows that the new trade show in Munich will be the place to be in the future.”


The new website is online

Oberhausen, 13.04.2021

Top international companies present their innovations at FitnessConnected

The innovative concept, which unites the areas of fitness, health and sports across industries for the first time and offers a qualitatively unique networking meeting for decision-makers, has the finger on the pulse of our current times: At the trade fair “FitnessConnected – part of the ISPO-Network”, which will take place from 18 to 20 November 2021 at the exhibition centre in Munich, numerous internationally active top players such as LifeFitness, Matrix, KBL, EGYM, Urban Sports Club, Gympass and ACISO will present their products and services.

In addition, the following almost forty other companies from various business areas have made a binding decision to become exhibitors at FitnessConnected, such as : ENERGY-O-MAT, Aventio Sports (Fit+), BALLance Concept, Dr. WOLFF® Sports & Prevention, bodyLIFE Medien, N.M.S., Ludwig Artzt, IHRSA, FT-Club, IST Jobbörse, SportMed S.A. (mobee 360), crosscorpo, ERGO-FIT, schwa-medico medical equipment, Schnell Trainingsgeräte, Richard Pflaum Verlag, excio, IST-Studieninstitut, Just Functional, CWA, Aschenbach Audio Team, Cellair Healthcare, Elbesport International, IFAA, UV-Power Licht, Gympass, Lowell Financial Services, hhp home health products, ugly, GrapiVit, PonteMed, Steripower, SUNS. Professional Beauty, extrafit, FAMOSO, Lighttech Lamp Technology, Pflaum-Verlag, EQUIMED, fib-berlin.

“More than 50 other top brands have also made reservations or have been offered their desired stand position,” says Ralph Scholz, CEO of FitnessConnected and Event Director of FIBO from 2013 to 2017, who is delighted with the great response. “Currently, only around 30 percent of the planned exhibition space is still available.” The organisers have thus come a great deal closer to their goal of launching a high-quality, pure trade show for the fitness, health and sports sector in close cooperation with around 100 innovation-oriented companies.

The positive interim result is, among other things, also the success of a closely cooperating network. FitnessConnected is flanked by a high-quality programme of events, such as the ACISO Congress, the IHRSA Smart Conference, the IFAA Solutions Day, the Fitness Real Estate + Investment Summit, the PhysioBIZZ, as well as the Forum of the Experten Allianz für Gesundheit e. V. and the IST Jobbörse.

The organisers, cooperation partners and supporters of FitnessConnected are united by the motivation to establish a pure trade fair as a benchmark event and eco-system for new business fields and to reposition fitness as an industry. The sales-oriented web platform for FitnessConnected will go online at the end of April. In contrast to classic trade fair websites, it is an interactive tool that is accessible all year round and can be used to present one’s own company and quickly bring innovations to the market.

“As organisers of FitnessConnected, we know how to handle the trust that the participating companies have placed in us very carefully, especially in these difficult economic times,” says Ralph Scholz. “We would therefore like to thank everyone for their willingness to support FitnessConnected as pioneers. And we hope, of course, that even more innovation-oriented companies will play a part in making our new trade fair concept a complete success with their participation as exhibitors.”


Many well-known companies have already registered for FitnessConnected in Munich.

Oberhausen, 10.03.2021

FitnessConnected, which will take place in Munich from 18 to 20 November 2021, will be more than just a Trade Fair Event: it is increasingly developing into an international Networking Event where leading Decision-Makers meet to shape the Future of the Fitness Industry.

With the integration of the Forum of the Experten Allianz für Gesundheit e. V. ( in Hall C5, a platform will be created at and together with FitnessConnected where scientists will present their latest evidence-based studies and politicians will discuss the relevance of fitness and training offers with industry representatives on the basis of scientific facts.

At the same time, the aim is to offer the industry initiatives that emerged during the lockdown a joint podium to bring together the know-how of all departments – from science, politics, associations and communication – and to jointly set the course for the future. One thing the years 2020 and 2021 have clearly shown: in order to be heard in socio-political discussions in the future, existing evidence-based studies on the benefits and effects of physical training must become better known and new studies must be launched.

“In order to be better prepared for future crises, we as an industry must learn to join forces and pool our knowledge,” Mario Görlach, CEO of the Experten Allianz, is convinced. “The Experten Allianz was founded to offer scientists and politicians a central, scientifically sound body and to initiate and promote targeted studies that prove the social, societal and health benefits of regular, proportioned and machine-based training. We are delighted to have a partner in FitnessConnected to provide us with this unique public outreach opportunity through the Forum.”

“We see the Experten Allianz Forum as an open platform,” adds board member and lawyer, Dr Hans Geisler. “The forum will be designed in such a way that industry associations and initiatives such as #gesundheitbrauchtfitness can and should also present their scientific studies there. Our aim is not to unite everyone under one roof, but to move forward in a strength-oriented and better coordinated way in the future. We are bundling synergies.”

Ralph Scholz, CEO of FitnessConnected and also spokesperson for the #gesundheitbrauchtfitness initiative, is pleased about the cooperation with the Experten Allianz: “With the establishment of the forum at FitnessConnected, Munich is sending a strong signal to the industry that it is possible to work closely together to move the industry forward together. The #gesundheitbrauchtfitness initiative will play its part in making this happen.”


Ralph Scholz, CEO FitnessConnected

Oberhausen, 02.03.2021

Trade Fair Design underlines networking and business Character

The international trade fair “FitnessConnected – part of the ISPO-Network”, which will take place from 18 to 20 November 2021 at the exhibition centre in Munich, will set new standards in many respects. This does not only apply to the innovative concept, which unites the areas of fitness, health and sports across all sectors for the first time. The claim to offer a qualitatively unique networking meeting for decision-makers with the B2B trade fair is to be visible and tangible for exhibitors and visitors at all times. For this purpose, a special trade fair design was developed, which reflects the value of the event, from the floor space layout to the individual trade fair stands.

The aim of the design development was to also give FitnessConnected an appropriate visual framework that does justice to the event with the claim “trade fair rethought”. “Thanks to the modern architecture of the Munich trade fair halls, it was possible to develop a truly extraordinary trade fair design for FitnessConnected,” sums up Sebastian Hoppe, Key Account Manager at MEPLAN GmbH, which is responsible for the unique design.

Often trade fairs with elaborate exhibition areas and stands that offer high-quality visual highlights can only be realised with great organisational and logistical effort. Not so FitnessConnected, however: “For the exhibition stands we offer, we partly use the basic structures newly developed for the IAA”, explains Ralph Scholz, CEO of FitnessConnected and Event Director of FIBO from 2013 to 2017. “This means that exhibitors have very little logistical effort in planning and execution. Only the data for the wall designs and the exhibits have to be supplied – we take care of everything else.”

The result of the trade fair design development can be seen – in the truest sense of the word. The design not only contributes to the excellent presentation of the exhibitors’ products and services. It also helps with quick orientation at the fair and creates a special feel-good ambience for all visitors. In short: the design perfectly matches the networking and business character of FitnessConnected. And Ralph Scholz emphasises yet another aspect of the trade fair design: “The special value of the trade fair and stand presentation was only one of the aspects we took into account during the development. Almost more important, however, is that exhibitors will not incur any cancellation costs when using the system we developed if the fair cannot be held due to the pandemic.”

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Ralph Scholz, CEO FitnessConnected
Central aisle: A trade fair is always also a business card for an industry – FitnessConnected uses the basic elements newly developed for the IAA 2021
Bird’s eye view: Generous layout with a feel-good ambience: Ideas don’t necessarily need a lot of space, but a room to develop
Stand examples: From small to large: On request, FitnessConnected exhibitors can order stand construction as well – pandemic compliant and cancellable free of charge if the trade fair has to be cancelled due to Covid

Photo credits:
Trade fair renderings: MEPLAN GmbH

Oberhausen, 08.02.2021

Evidenzbasierten Therapie trifft Digital Fitness:

Die neue internationale Fachmesse „FitnessConnected – part of the ISPO-Network“ findet vom 18. bis 20. November 2021 auf dem Messegelände in München statt. Direkt angebunden wird der ebenfalls neue Physiotherapiekongress „PhysioBIZZ“, der mit zahlreichen hochkarätigen Persönlichkeiten aus der internationalen Physiotherapieforschung besetzt wird. Die PhysioBIZZ wird sich in diesem Kontext auf die Themen der Digitalisierung konzentrieren, die für Therapeuten im Arbeitsalltag heute und morgen von besonderer Bedeutung sind.

Ziel der FitnessConnected ist die Verbindung von Sport und Fitness, dem Gesundheitssystem, den Kommunen und der Pflege. Als reine B2B-Messe hat sie das Selbstverständnis, die Aufgaben der Fitnessbranche neu zu definieren. Die Digitalisierung bietet eine Vielzahl an Chancen, das neue Messekonzept unterstützt dabei, die Entwicklung branchenübergreifender Ideen voranzutreiben. Mit der Website bietet die FitnessConnected zudem ein vertriebs- und marketingorientiertes Eco-System, das ganzjährig zur Verfügung steht.

Die Vertriebs- und Marketingplattform bietet über die Messe hinaus die Möglichkeit, Synergien zu nutzen, neue Zielmärkte zu erschließen und Produkte sowie Dienstleistungen besser zu vermarkten. Mit der PhysioBIZZ bekommen so auch die Therapieunternehmer ein gewichtiges Podium für ihre Anliegen.

„Unser Ziel mit der FitnessConnected ist es, netzwerkorientiert mit den führenden Playern im Markt eine Plattform zu schaffen, die den Ausstellern ein Höchstmaß an Nutzen bietet. Durch die räumliche und zeitliche Verbindung der PhysioBIZZ und der FitnessConnected wird es ab November 2021 endlich eine jährliche zentrale Fachveranstaltung geben, die sich auf die Innovationen und Zukunftshemen für die Therapie- und Fitnesswirtschaft konzentriert“, zeigt sich Ralph Scholz, CEO der neuen Fachmesse, erfreut über die Kooperation.

„Mit der FitnessConnected bietet das ISPO-Netzwerk der Fitnesswirtschaft eine innovative Leitmesse an, die sich ausschließlich an Fachbesucher wendet“, begrüßt auch Dr. Jeanette Friedrich, Global Head der ISPO Group, die Zusammenarbeit. „Für ISPO gehört neben der Fitnessbranche auch die Therapiebranche zu den wichtigsten Wachstumsfeldern im Gesundbereich. Deshalb freuen wir uns ganz besonders darüber, bereits zur Premiere die PhysioBIZZ als zentrale Samstagsveranstaltung in München begrüßen zu dürfen.“ Agnes Hey, Geschäftsführerin der Richard Pflaum Verlag GmbH & Co. KG und Herausgeberin der „pt Zeitschrift für Physiotherapeuten“, betont die positiven Aspekte und Chancen der Kooperation: „Für die Kongressteilnehmer und Messebesucher ergeben sich wunderbare Synergien. Die Schnittstelle zur Fitnessindustrie war schon immer ein wichtiger Bestandteil unserer seit 1949 erscheinenden „pt“. Das wird jetzt noch einmal deutlich aufgewertet.“

Mehr Infos unter

Ralph Scholz, CEO FitnessConnected
Dr. Jeanette Friedrich, Global Head ISPO Group
Agnes Hey, Herausgeberin „pt”
Messegelände München

Oberhausen, 12.01.2021

New Cooperation strengthens the European Health and Fitness Industry

The international trade fair “FitnessConnected – part of the ISPO-Network”, which will celebrate its premiere from 18 to 20 November 2021 at the exhibition centre in Munich, can come up with another highlight: As part of a newly agreed cooperation, the renowned global association IHRSA (International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association) will hold the “IHRSA SMART Summit” conference for the first time as a side event of FitnessConnected in the Bavarian capital in 2021.

With ISPO, the world’s largest platform for trends and innovations in the sports business, and IHRSA, FitnessConnected now cooperates with two globally active partners and thus benefits from the concentrated expertise of international heavyweights. As a pure B2B trade show with a focus on Europe, the trade fair redefines the self-image of the fitness industry, its opportunities and tasks. At the same time, FitnessConnected is a sales and marketing-oriented eco-system that positions the fitness industry as relevant to health and society, helps innovations to break through more quickly and opens up new markets.

IHRSA and FitnessConnected aim to achieve a high level of quality through close cooperation and coordination of their activities, create synergies, strengthen and connect each other’s network, share knowledge and together be a valuable partner for the fitness industry. “I am very happy about this great partnership with IHRSA. It brings us one important step closer to our goal of being the central European platform for the fitness industry,” said Ralph Scholz, CEO of FitnessConnected and Event Director of FIBO from 2013 to 2017. “The connection of the IHRSA SMART Summit will make it possible to improve the transfer of know-how between the markets in Europe, the USA and worldwide and give the fitness industry new impetus for growth.”

The IHRSA SMART Summit kicks off with a club tour on Wednesday, 17 November 2021, offering sales, marketing, analytics, retention and technology (SMART) solutions for all gym operators looking to grow their business. This will be accompanied by high-profile key note presentations on the afternoon of the first day of FitnessConnected on 18 and 19 November 2021. The IHRSA SMART Summit replaces the European Congress, which was originally scheduled to take place in Berlin.

“I have known Ralph Scholz personally for many years and hold him in high regard,” said Jay Ablondi, Executive Vice President IHRSA. “We are both firmly convinced that bringing together our expertise and commitment to the fitness industry will offer outstanding added value to all trade fair visitors.”

Alan Leach, CEO West Wood Clubs, Ireland, and member of the IHRSA Board of Directors, is equally delighted: “The collaboration between IHRSA and FitnessConnected is the most exciting news for the fitness industry in 20 years! I can’t wait to join a host of fitness business entrepreneurs and fitness professionals at the ground-breaking conference and exhibition in Munich in November 2021. The timing of this event is the positive sign of hope that the industry needs to get through the current crisis and plan for better days,” Alan Leach expresses his enthusiasm. “The new industry event has been developed exclusively for those who want to grow their fitness business. Therefore, it will focus primarily on proven fitness business growth strategies – including professional sales systems, expert marketing knowledge, industry analysis and trends, member retention strategies and the latest fitness business technologies.”

Oberhausen, im Dezember 2020

Innovative Leitmesse der Fitnesswirtschaft startet mit Premiere

Die neue internationale Fachmesse „FitnessConnected – part of the ISPO-Network“ findet vom 18. bis 20. November 2021 auf dem Messegelände in München statt. Direkt angebunden wird der ACISO Congress, seit vielen Jahren bekannt durch die zahlreichen hochkarätigen Key-Note-Speaker und sein erstklassiges Rahmenprogramm. Der ACISO Congress zieht von Kassel nach München um und wird bereits einen Tag vor der FitnessConnected am gleichen Ort starten.

Die Zusammenarbeit unterstreicht das Ziel der FitnessConnected, als reine B2B-Messe das Selbstverständnis, die Chancen und Aufgaben der Fitnessbranche neu zu definieren. Durch die Verbindung der Schnittstellen zwischen dem Sportsegment, dem Gesundheitssystem, dem kommunalen Bereich und dem Pflegesektor hilft das neue Messekonzept dabei, die Entwicklung branchenübergreifender Ideen voranzutreiben. Darüber hinaus bietet die FitnessConnected mit der Website ein vertriebs- und marketingorientiertes Eco-System, das ganzjährig zur Verfügung steht und in dem über die Messe hinaus Synergien genutzt, neue Zielmärkte erschlossen und Produkte sowie Serviceleistungen vermarktet werden können.

„Durch die räumliche und zeitliche Verbindung des ACISO-Kongresses und der FitnessConnected wird es ab November 2021 endlich eine jährliche zentrale Fachveranstaltung geben, die sich auf die Innovationen und Zukunftshemen für die Fitnesswirtschaft konzentriert“, zeigt sich Ralph Scholz, Mitinitiator der neuen Fachmesse, erfreut über die Kooperation. „Mit der FitnessConnected bietet das ISPO-Netzwerk der Fitnesswirtschaft eine innovative Leitmesse an, die sich ausschließlich an Fachbesucher wendet“, begrüßt auch Dr. Jeanette Friedrich, Global Head der ISPO Group, die Zusammenarbeit. „Für ISPO gehört die Fitnessbranche zu den wichtigsten Wachstumsfeldern im Sportbereich – trotz der pandemiebedingten Einschränkungen. Deshalb freuen wir uns ganz besonders darüber, bereits zur Premiere den ACISO-Kongress als Pre-Opening-Veranstaltung in München begrüßen zu dürfen.“ Oliver Sekula, Geschäftsführer der ACISO Fitness & Health GmbH, betont die positiven Aspekte und Chancen der Kooperation: „Sowohl für die Congress-Teilnehmer als auch für die Messebesucher ergeben sich wunderbare Synergien. Die Kontaktmöglichkeiten zur Fitnessindustrie waren schon immer ein wichtiger Bestandteil des Congresses und werden jetzt noch einmal deutlich aufgewertet.“

Oberhausen, Oktober 2020

Exhibitors benefit from First-Mover Packages

The new international trade fair “FitnessConnected -part of theISPO-Network”, for which stand sales have now begun, will be held at the Munich Exhibition Centre from 18 to 20 November 2021. All exhibitors who would like to participate in the trade fair launch with their own stand have the unique opportunity to benefit from the discounted First Mover Packages until 31 October 2020.

As a pure B2B trade fair, FitnessConnected redefines the image of the fitness industry, its opportunities and tasks. At the same time, FitnessConnected is an innovative platform that interfaces with the sports segment, the healthcare system, the municipal sector and the care sector and develops cross-sector solutions.

“FitnessConnected will be more than just a ‘new trade fair’,” Ralph Scholz, co-initiator of the new trade fair, explains the objective. “FitnessConnected is a sales- and marketing-oriented eco-system that has set itself the task of positioning the fitness industry as relevant to health and society, helping innovations to achieve a breakthrough more quickly and opening up new target markets.

“FitnessConnected offers exhibitors a wealth of advantages and benefits. Due to the stand size limitation to a maximum of 250 square metres and the numerous additional services, such as savings on ancillary costs through included catering and fewer overnight stays through advantageous opening hours, etc., the participation investments are kept within manageable limits. In addition to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the fair focuses on key countries from Scandinavia to Southern Europe and thus underlines the internationality of the event. The cross-sectoral concept, which spans the sports and fitness industry, the health market, the hotel industry, public institutions and city-relevant infrastructures, appeals to new target groups for the first time. In addition, the website offers a year-round marketing platform that can be used as a marketing and sales tool beyond the trade fair.

FitnessConnected is also exemplary with regard to the uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to a forward-looking pandemic concept, which, for example, provides for stand occupancy of only about 50 percent of the hall space and additional free meeting areas to prevent stand overcrowding, the organisers offer special cancellation options that take into account all pandemic-related eventualities.

And there is another decisive advantage to the FitnessConnected: through the ISPO network, there will be additional touchpoints both at ISPO Munich 2021, which will take place from 31 January to 3 February 2021, and at OutDoor by ISPO, where the international sports and outdoor industry will meet in Munich from 20 to 23 June 2021. Special FitnessConnected areas with lecture stages and networking areas will be offered, for example. In addition, the event-related ISPO communication channels can be used. “Exhibitors who take part in two of the ISPO events or even all three trade fairs benefit from significant combined discounts,” says Ralph Scholz. “So, it’s definitely worth being there and helping to shape the future of the sports and fitness industry.”

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